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This is the story of one of our most loyal customers

It was at the age of 16 that i became passionate about everything related to the Supreme universe. At that age, i did not necessarily have money to get their products. So i was lining up in front of the Supreme store for resellers for 50$, but for six years now my live have changed mother fuck…

I set myself up, and recruit people to camp in front of the store and of course in addition I feed on the internet so i use the software Bot Supreme to get me more gear. Just this season, i’m at 8k (that’s all.) And I owe it in part to your Bot-Supreme website.

I hope that my testimony will push people to become their own boss and especially to continue collecting Supreme products.(if you can…)

– Written by :  .SkxyAddict (French reseller | Season 2016)

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