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Which countries are compatible?

Bot Supreme is compatible with all Supreme shops: EU / UK / USA / Canada & JP

How are we different from others bots?

Bot Supreme is a fully independent team. We have at our disposal skilled programmers which ensures security for customers.

Can I buy multiple products at the same time?

You can buy the same item several times with the “Proxy” option or buy a multitude of different products simultaneously.

When do you upgrade the Bot Supreme ?

Bot Supreme is configured so that with every new product is added to the official Supreme site, it will update itself. You are therefore always ready to create a new order. Always ready.

Does Supreme Bot work with a Mac?

Yes, Supreme Bot works perfectly on Windows & Mac. Due to the complexity of our algorithms, it is necessary to install one of these three programs to use our bot : Boot CampParallels or VirtualBox. Configuration takes less than 30 minutes and is fully explained on our manual page.

Is there a user limitation with Supreme Bot?

Bot Supreme is a program that you can use as many times as you want during the season. After the Supreme Season, you will be asked for a $ 15 fee to renew your license for next season if you wish.

Once purchase made when I receive my software?

You will receive your unique license as well as your software on average 24h-72h after purchase.

Does Bot Supreme have the KeyWord Finder or Early Link?

Of course, Supreme Bot incorporates both options. Learn more about these options.

What are the options that are implemented in Bot Supreme?

All options to buy 100% automatic without any intervention of your part::
1. Size selection.
2. Auto Add To Cart.
3. AutoCheckout.
4. Autofill.
5. Retry.
6. Auto-Refresher.
7. Keyword Finder.
8. Proxy for multiple items.

Can I use the software on multiple computers at the same time?

Bot Supreme is limited to one per user / computer license.

I still have questions, how can I contact you?

You can contact us on the contact form, you will receive a response under 48 hours.

General conditions

All private information entered from our supreme bot application (name, address, bank card, etc.) is stored in an ultra-secure way with an encryption key in RSA 2048 Bits guaranteeing strong protection even in case of negligence from you and the various malware potentially present on your computer. It is therefore imperative to provide you with adequate software to minimize the risk of infections (update your OS, update your antivirus, install a firewall, etc.). Nevertheless, once the program Bot supreme or any other products/services available on our website legally acquired on the official website no complaint and / or request for refund can be issued against us. We certify that during your purchase our software does not contain any harmful programs and work closely with an organization specializing in computer security to secure as much as possible all your personal information. By purchasing our supreme bot program, you agree not to sue Bot-Supreme or any of our business partners (,, etc.). Please note that we can not guarantee 100% acquisition of products from via our Bot-Supreme program.

By purchasing our Bot-Supreme program or any other products/services available on our website, you will never attempt to defraud, hack or crack the application, under penalty of a permanent non-refundable ban as well as legal measures asserting our rights as victim. The fraudulent use of our software including the hacking of a version of our Bot-Supreme program entails the same penalties as mentioned earlier either a definitive ban as well as appropriate legal measures asserting our rights as victim. Although we regularly mention the store selling Supreme products, on our site we are in no way affiliated to this business. In case of a relative problem with the site no complaint and / or request for refund can be sent to the site as well as to these commercial partners mentioned above. The Bot-Supreme team does its utmost to keep the Bot-Supreme program up to date as necessary. Nevertheless no complaint and / or request for refund will be issued by our customers if it is no longer to be updated.

If you wish to acquire Bot-Supreme or any other products/services available on our website and use it optimally, you warrant that you have read and agree to the terms of use. When you read the Terms of Use, you acknowledge that you are in no way under the influence of a substance that impairs your judgment, you acknowledge that you have accepted in a responsible and mature manner all the conditions of use. You acknowledge that you are at least 18 years of age or have been authorized by your tutors for the fee-based acquisition and use of our Bot-Supreme program.

If you do not agree Our terms and Conditions do not submit any payment. Only the French version of the site will be authentic in case of interpretation or litigation.